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Daily Goodies: November 28, 2016

You Dew You, Girl. You Dew You.

Hello! Welcome to You Dew You!

I am Cheyenne Martin, it’s good to meet you! I am cheyanne-mortensen-engagement-country-090a wife, a soon-to-be mom (really soon-to-be!), a country girl, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and a pro-life activist because life is awesome!

I love to read books, watch movies, ride horses, and spend time with my husband, Zach, in the great outdoors. I try to be crafty, but don’t always succeed. But my sisters, mom, and mother-in-law are some crafty ladies and I love to learn from them. My passion is agriculture. I feel it is important to let other people know where their food comes from and the sacrifices men and women make everyday so that there is food on your table. I love soda, almost too much, especially Mt. Dew (hence You Dew You) and am excited to drink it again after this baby comes. Zach and I consider ourselves to be foodies. We will eat anything and everything, so I obviously get a lot of cooking time in and I enjoy it!

Anyways! That’s just a little bit about me. We can continue our introductions later.

Why You Dew You?

Let’s be real. Life can be hard! Adulting is hard, feeling accepted is hard, learning to live with others is hard. BUT the best part is that life is still GOOD. I went through a phase where I never felt good enough and I always felt judged for who I was. I never want anyone to feel that way! We are all important and we are all unique. I want this to be a place where you come to be inspired to embrace who you are, realize that God loves you, develop your talents, and lift each other up in the process!

You dew you, girl. You dew you.

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