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Daily Goodies: November 30, 2016

Love Who YOU Are – Embrace it!

It’s Christmastime! Yay! This is my absolute favorite time of the year!! December is such a jolly month isn’t it? My family usually starts the season off with a trip to Las Vegas to watch the NFR and do some shopping at Cowboy Christmas. Then a few short weeks and Christmas is here! No matter where Zach and I end up for Christmas, we always have a great time. love who you are

There’s one problem though. I start feeling these feelings of excitement around Halloween.. I want to watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music! But there are too many party poopers our there who tell me – it’s too early for Christmas! Don’t start this already! There are two holidays first, please wait! Please excuse me for wanting to spread cheer! Haha. The point is – this is who I am and every year I almost feel ashamed for the way that I feel, even though I shouldn’t.

Soooooo that may have been a pretty lame example, but it is a support group that I can get behind – “Stop Christmas Shaming! Let us decorate whenever we want.” All jokes aside, there are so many things in life that can make us feel ashamed for who we are. We need to talk about two things to get this negativity out of our lives!

STOP Shaming Others.

Stop mom shaming, wife shaming, Christmas decorating shaming, appearance shaming, any kind of shaming- it needs to stop! We don’t like it when others do it to us right? Yes, because we all love those videos of the perfect moms with the perfect clean houses and the perfect hair who are telling us that we don’t have our lives together because we have a few dirty dishes in the sink. No! We don’t like that. Plus, it’s not even true anyways! So the first thing that we need to do is stop doing that to other people. Ok because really, let’s admit that we all have been guilty of it.

Remember the golden rule – we don’t like it when we feel ashamed – remembering the golden rule always makes us think twice. Do it!

So, when you see a mom giving her child candy at 9AM, just walk away and get the thought to judge her out of your mind. Maybe the mom is having a bad day and just wants her kid to be quiet for a few minutes, or maybe that’s just what they do in that family and guess what? It’s really not our business anyways. Let them eat candy! Let people raise their kids, have a relationship with their families, and decorate for whatever holiday that they want without us sticking our nose in and telling them that they are doing it wrong. If everyone minded their own business, wow what a wonderful world this would be! Love who you are and let others love who they are too.

IGNORE the Shamers.

love who you are
This is such an old picture of me and my childhood horse “Pickles”. This is one of my favorites! It reminds me of who I am and where I come from.

This can sometimes be hard to do! I have said before that I have felt like people were trying to keep me from being who I am and it was terrible. I tried to be who others thought I was or should be and it did NOT work out. The fact is, I am a simple country girl. I am both a tomboy and a girly girl when I want to be. I would rather hang out with my husband and his friends than girl friends of my own. That is not a popular thing for a newly married/mother-to-be to do. But hey that is ok because I love it! I love who I am! My husband loves me for who I am! And the most important, God created me this way and wants me to EMBRACE IT. That’s where you find happiness.

Love Who You Are

So, who are you? Do you like to shop, do you like the outdoors, do you like to do both? It doesn’t matter! Are you a nice person? Do you serve others? That’s what matters! This holiday season – and every other time of year – be proud of who you are, and let others be proud of who they are too! Love who YOU are! After all, we are all Children of God, right?