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Daily Goodies: December 21, 2016

What I Learned From Watching “Moana”

Hello friends. Again – Merry Christmas! Zach and I are in Cortez for the holidays and are having so much fun! (This is why I have been so slow lately, I am enjoying my family time). Tonight we went to the movies with my parents to see the new Disney movie, “Moana”. Alright so, we need to talk about this movie! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but more importantly it taught something that the world really needs to learn right now.

what I've learned from watching moana

Warning! There may be some spoilers in this article, so if you haven’t seen the movie and you want to I would save it for after you see the movie.

First, The Disney Short

There is a new Disney short before the movie and I think it prefaced the movie quite nicely. It is called “Inner Workings”, go look it up! This cute short is all about the battle between our heart and our brain. And let’s be real – the battle is constant! It cracked me up. It brings up a true point though; we need to listen to our hearts sometimes as much as our brains. Don’t get me wrong – logic is super important. But we need to remember that happiness is what we strive for. Don’t get caught up in the routine everyday, we need to remember to have fun and make our life a life that we want to live!

Sound Familiar? Me Too!

Funny story. Well, you may think it is funny but it is my life haha. I use this example all of the time and I am sure my husband is sick of it. But I learned so much about happiness from this experience so I am going to tell it again. Go me.

So I had this perfect idea of what I wanted my life to be like. I was going to marry a cowboy and live in the middle of nowhere with tons of kids and be very poor. Haha really though. Well God and my heart wanted different things, but logic tried to fight it out. I met my husband and as soon as he said he was from California my brain took my heart strings and tied them up so I wouldn’t be tempted! Then my brain realized that I really needed to find balance and let my heart be in charge too.

That’s when I realized that God knows me better than I know myself and He knew that I would be happier with Zach than I would with the idea of what I thought I wanted. He was right!! I can’t imagine my life any other way. Find the balance people!

It’s hard to find the balance that we need – but it is possible!

Okay — Moana!

First of all, everyone needs to see this movie! It is cute, funny, has good morals, and has the most adorable animals in it! Hello! Need I even continue!? The beginning of the movie was hard for me to get into as everything had to be set up, but as the movie went on it got better and better. I definitely recommend seeing it – great entertainment.

The Moral of the Story (for me) Is:

However, that’s not what I want to tell you. This movie is teaching us something that we all need to remember. As a society, we definitely don’t know who we are. “It’s not cool to be different”, “It’s not cool if you are mainstream”, “If you’re not different, you don’t like people who are”, “It’s embarrassing to be proud of your culture/heritage”, “We need objects to define who we really are”. LIES LIES LIES!! And if we look around, that is what we are going to find!

I know that I am guilty of thinking that way or trying to change who I really am to impress people. But, NEWS FLASH: If someone doesn’t like you for who you really are, they are the problem. Not you. If someone plays the “you don’t like me because I’m different” card, then well that is their loss.

Sorry I will get off of my soapbox, but I feel so strongly about that. Be who YOU want to be. Not what someone else wants you to be. Moana loved the water and she knew that she belonged there. She never gave up and she was able to save her people because of that talent that was given to her. She taught Maui something even more important. He doesn’t need his hook to be Maui. HE is who makes him who He is. Not an another object, not another person.

Relate-able? Um yes.

I just kept thinking about my little girl during the movie and want her to learn what Moana learned. I want my daughter to know who she is, be proud of who she is, and stand up for who she is and what she believes in.

I am SO grateful for my parents who taught me to remember who I am. My mom taught me that I have every reason to be confident and that being a Child of God was the most important reason to be confident in myself. My dad taught me to be self sufficient and that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I faced a lot of “but you’re a girl” bull crap throughout growing up and my dad always had my back and told me that it didn’t matter. When I left for college I didn’t realize how much I would need to hold on to the times that my dad fought so hard for me to learn that I was just as tough as anyone out there. It paid off and still is.

How Do We Get There?

I realize that not everyone is taught that and it’s a real struggle. I have great parents and I still doubt my self confidence sometimes. So what do we do in these situations? It’s time to dig deep people! Just like Moana, if we have to continue to repeat to ourselves who we are to believe it – then that’s what we’ve got to do! She knew she was a strong and powerful girl, descendants of voyagers, who could save her people. But she was not as confident in the beginning as she was in the end. It took some hard work for her to get there, just as it will take hard work for us. Think about who you are. Become proud of who you are. Decide on who you want to become and use your past to help you.

Doubting – Dang It, It Happens

Another thing that I LOVED about this movie is it showed Moana’s low points. She doubted herself, she doubted who she was, and she doubted her resources. Okay… okay… let’s think about this. Strength can be hard! Digging deep for that confidence in ourselves can sometimes feel impossible. But guess what!? THAT IS OKAY!! We are human and by golly we can’t be strong all of the time. Break down and cry it out. Take a break and stop thinking about it for awhile. But guess what again!? Strength will ALWAYS find it’s way back! Sometimes we have to fall down to get back up again. Just make sure that when you fall down, you fall on your knees.

The Testing Point

There is going to come a time where we are completely tested on how confident we are and if we have the strength to show what we’ve really got. Through hard work, Moana was able to restore Te Fiti back to her original beauty and save the lives of all her people, not to mention the beautiful islands.

Now, our purpose in life may not be as “glorified”, but let me tell you we have important jobs! Never doubt that you aren’t making a difference in this world. Everyone makes a difference. Knowing who we are helps us to know what our impact is and how we can impact others.I think that’s the ultimate test. Yes, Moana saved all of the people, but look what she did for Maui! In my mind, that was just as important.

As I watched this movie, I thought about how this is exactly what You Dew You is all about. It is important to love yourself, be confident in yourself, and remember who you are. The world would be such a better place if we all understood how much each of us are worth. Please don’t forget the importance you are in the world. Research your family history. Use your heritage to help you decide who you are and who you want to be. You dew your thing, my friend. You dew you.