5 Quick Ways To Get Yourself Organized!

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I’m pretty sure that I am a low-key hoarder. Don’t get the wrong idea here – I am not buried by disgusting stuff. BUT I do hold on to a lot of items that mean so much to me…. and I have no idea why! Am I the only one with this problem?? I can’t be, right!? After going home and visiting my organized and very clean Mother, I learned a lot about organization by following her example. Her kitchen is practically perfect! And the differences are so small, there were things that I knew I could change. I racked my brain on the 12 hour drive home and came up with this beauty of a list of how I could change my life! The past few days I have been implementing my ideas and it is so refreshing! So here it goes guys. 5 quick ways to get yourself organized! 5 quick ways to get yourself organized

1. Clear Out That Clutter

Start with one room – and focus on only that room – and pick up everything you own in that room. Do you really need it? Do you really use it? Have a box ready to put that stuff in and ready to take OUT of your house. Sometimes you won’t be in such a drastic situation and may just need to switch things up. Mostly for my sake, but I hope you benefit from it as well – let’s go through each room.


Cracked dishes? Yes, your husband could glue it together and you could keep it and look at the cute bowl that you used to use all of the time, or you could just get rid of it. In a week from now will you really remember it anyway? Stained tupperware? Gross. And yes I am guilty of this. I never use it, but I think I will one day so I hold on to it! Rubbish! Literally throw that thing in the rubbish. Old food storage? Clean that crap out and replace it. Make meal plans around your food storage that you need to get rid of. Stale and old snacks need to go. Pretty much the best advice that I have is to go through each cupboard, clean it out, and only replace what you will use and/or eat.

Laundry Room/Mud Room

I don’t have the luxury of having one of these. But I am hoping in a few months that I will!! Woot woot. For the sake of it, let’s talk about cleaning supplies in this room. Are there any cleaning supplies that you don’t use? Is your old Swiffer hanging out even though you haven’t used it in years? Trash. Is your mop disgusting and full of dirt? Clean it or throw it asap. When Zach and I were first married, we got a lot of cleaning supplies which were wonderful! But I will be honest, there are some that I have never used. Get rid of it! What about old boots, coats, rugs? Look around to see what you can give away, put in storage, or even just throw out.

Living Room

Raise of hands, who holds on to old magazines? Me too. If not – wow good job! I aspire to be like you one day. Throw out those old issues! They burn great and can be recycled. Do you still keep your DVD’s in their cases? HA! I was the worst. Zach offered to throw away all of the cases when we were first married and I wouldn’t let him. For some reason I had to hold on to them! Stupid haha.

I finally came around and put all of our DVD’s and CD’s in a large case and it was the best thing ever. I saved soooo much room by doing it. Now we have two large cases of DVD’s and CD’s in a small area. Genius. Same goes with video games if you play. Go through all of your cords and see if there are any unnecessary cords or devices that you can get rid of.


Clothes, clothes, clothes and clothes. I am the WORST at hoarding clothes and shoes, the worst! Now, there’s a lot of things that you can do to downsize your clothes – even without getting rid of them. With this pregnancy and buying/gaining lots of new clothes, I have found ways to save space without having to rid of my precious clothing. First of all, get in there and get rid of the clothes that you don’t ever wear. I know there are lots of places that you can sell clothing online. It never worked for me, but I know others are into it. I prefer to just give mine away to family or thrift stores. When you are super attached to clothes and don’t want to get rid of them, put them in storage for awhile. It’s like Christmas when you open them up again!

The same goes with shoes. As a fat pregnant lady, I have saved so much room by putting my skinny clothes in storage until I can wear them again. Torn or stained sheets? Just throw them away. Too many pillow cases? Get rid of the ones that you never use. Get smart with all of the thousands of blankets. Use some of the older ones to store breakable items. I have great expectations with using my high school soccer and volleyball gear, but in all reality I never use them. That will depend on you if you want to get rid of them or put them in storage.


I am a huge book worm and collect books like none other. There are some that I will never read again and will donate to thrift stores or book stores, but I mostly put the ones I don’t read into storage for later or for my future children. I use my other book lover friends for my advantage and put my name in it, record it, and lend them out. Not only do they love borrowing my books, but that saves room for me! Win, win. 😉 Filing paperwork. This is a hard one for me. Luckily, if I keep everything filed it saves a lot of room and looks much cleaner.


Ahhh the bathroom. Does anyone else hoard soaps and shampoos like I do!? I admit.. I am pretty high maintenance when it comes to make-up and hair products. But because they are so expensive, I have a hard time throwing them away when they don’t have much left or when I don’t like them as well. I also have an emergency storage of make-up (although I still think that is a great idea and leave that bag alone). Look for products that are past their best by date and get rid of them. Are you going to ever use that lotion? Gone. Get rid of anything old or that you know you won’t use in the next month. Get rid of old and torn towels – or at least demote them to garage or car use.

2. Fold Up Plastic Bags

You might laugh at this one! But I swear it saves soooo much room! My mother’s kitchen is a dream. For lots of reasons, but one of the biggest is that all of her grocery bags are nicely folded into a tissue box, ready to pulled out and used. It may take a lot of effort, but it’s amazing! Since Zach and I are moving in May – not to mention the new grocery bag law here in California – we have been hoarding plastic bags for safe traveling and saving money at the grocery store. We had hundreds! Hundreds! I’m not even exaggerating. My entire cupboard under the kitchen was dedicated to plastic bags.

It took me about two hours to organize that cupboard since it was so bad, but I folded each bag and put it into a paper bag. It saved me enough room to move all of my cleaning supplies under the sink to save a whole cupboard for our sweet new baby in a few months. Now my cupboard is perfectly organized and I have so much room saved!

3. Get Bins and Label Everything

I hate wrapping paper. I love wrapping! But I hate storing all of the gift wrap and wrapping paper. Just for example… there are many things I need but I hate keeping around. The best thing to do is downsize and then buy some cheap bins and label that crap. Forgive me, but let’s be real… a lot of it is just crap. BUT! It’s so much easier to find when everything is labeled. Going back to my mom’s kitchen – she has replaced everything with bins and labeled it. Instead of always saying, “Mom, where is this?”, I can see it plain as day in front of my eyes. She has sugar, oats, flour, and even powdered sugar in nice bins and labeled. This can go with anything, not just in the kitchen. I put my material, dresses, halloween costumes, wrapping paper, gift bags, and yes kitchen items in bins.

Keeping everything in a bin and labeled allows you to throw things in storage or keeping them easily accessible both an easy option. I personally think that spending a few extra dollars on keeping my brain sane is worth it!

4. Use Your Car

This drives my husband nuts, I’m sure. He loves a spic and span car. But I wouldn’t be able to make it without using my car for some extra storage space. I keep a sleeping bag, lawn chairs, 72 hour kit, horse supplies, and all of my errand stuff in there. If I leave my grocery bags or thrift store bags in the house, I will never remember to take them and they will live by my front door forever. Putting them in my trunk get’s them out of my house and even though I still forget at least 3 times, I remember to get it done eventually! I also keep a sleeping bag and lawn chairs in there for emergencies or conveniences, but it also get’s them out of my way. It’s a small suggestion, but I honestly do use my trunk for storage space! Haha.

5. Rotate!

Finally! I have found that having every single thing that I own in one place is just a recipe for disaster. I get overwhelmed super easily and then we live in a pigsty because I can’t decide what to do with everything. Solution! I pick a theme or a pattern of some kind and try my best to follow it. Whatever decorations I choose to display with stay up for however long while I store the others… then rotate! I also do this with clothes and shoes to save space. Obviously not everyone has the space to store all of this stuff, so if not I guess the next step is to downsize and use what you can.

I still have so much to do as far as hoarding! I get way too attached to things… but I am working on it. In the past few days of being home and implementing these ideas, you wouldn’t believe the change that my husband has seen in our house. We are currently living in the state of boxes, boxes, and boxes. But, it is slowly being transformed into a clean and livable house! Since a baby girl is coming into our lives in two short months, and then we are moving two short months after that, I decided that now is the time to pack away things that we don’t need, downsizing and saving space, getting new storage bins, labeling literally everything, using my car for extra help, and getting in my last rotation.

After all of your hard work, remember – Cleanliness is next to Godliness! 🙂

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