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About You Dew You

About You Dew You

You Dew You is a personality building blog created to inspire and motivate to love who you are! My name is Cheyenne Martin and I am here to help you to stay motivated to develop your talents, love who you are, and come closer to God. But I want to learn from you too! If you have any requests on what we need to discuss, let me know! Email me at cheyennemartin@youdewyougirl.com and send me those suggestions. So, let’s get started.

What do you like to do? – Get out there and do more of it!
What do you want to learn? – Let’s learn it together!
What is on your bucket list? – Get out there and check those puppies off!
What are your talents? – Practice the ones you have and learn new ones!

This is a place where you can be yourself, embrace differences, find good eats, book reviews, and movie reviews, learn about the outdoor life, recreate good crafts, and find positive connections with others. Welcome to the You Dew You family.

Life is too short to wish you could do something else, be someone else, or to not be happy. It’s time to change. Let’s embrace who we are. Live life to the fullest. Learn new things. Make new friends. Accept people for who they are! Be sure to follow You Dew You on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

You dew you, girl. You dew you.

About Me

I am a country girl, originally from Cortez, Colorado – a small town in the Southwest corner of the state. I currently live in Alpine, California with my amazing husband, Zach. We are currently 6 months pregnant with our first child. It’s a girl! She is due in March 2017 (that is coming up quick!!). I love to cook, read, watch movies, and spend time in the great outdoors. It took me awhile to figure out that loving myself was the first step to have the gift of charity. If I am going to love others, I need to first love myself. It is super important to have a great self-esteem, be confident with who you are, but yet lift others as you go. Honestly, I am still working on it – but I am hoping we can work on it together!

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