The Expectations of Perfection Are Too Dang High!

Today I had planned talking about the cute little reindeer crafts that I created. (I am so proud of them since I don’t consider myself to be crafty). But life changed. Plans changed. And today I really feel like I need to talk about our expectations of perfection. So I will show you my cute reindeer tomorrow! The first thing I have to say about others degrading your self-worth… pish posh! I am really into that word lately haha. But seriously! It took me years to figure out that I don’t need anyone else’s opinion of myself besides mine! And sometimes my own opinion is pish posh! So let me rephrase that. The only opinion that matters is God’s.

As amazing as Christmas is (believe me it is my favorite holiday), I feel like there is a feeling of perfection that we apply to ourselves around this time of year. Don’t get me wrong – serving others and thinking about others is important!! We need to be serving and thinking of others all of the time. BUT this feeling of perfection is a disease that is spread through comparing ourselves to others. Stop doing it! (Me included- I am the worst).

What Others Think

Sometimes I think that we create these feelings on our own. But let’s be real. Sometimes people are rude and they can make you feel itty bitty. This week I have run into two situations where another person has made me feel like I wasn’t worth much, and that I wasn’t doing what I need to be doing. I’m pretty sure this happens a lot! We all have some kind of relationship where the person makes us feel like we aren’t of value, we aren’t doing our job, we are slacking, etc. etc. the list goes on. Now this is what you do… take all of the negativity… and throw it out the window! That’s where it belongs.

And again, don’t get me wrong. Always do your best! If you’re not doing your best then you need to reevaluate and start all over. BUT if you are doing your best, then that is all you can do and that is all that matters.

What You Think

The old saying, “you are your own worst critic”, is probably the most accurate saying out there! I don’t know if this is just my personality type, but I expect my life to be together 24/7, 365 days a year. And yeah that’s not ever going to happen and so instead of just trying my best, I tend to get frustrated and think that I am a failure. Wrongo! Don’t get lost in those “I’m a failure” thoughts. All of the great ones have failed not just once, but many times. We all will fail. But who cares! That is life! The mind is such a powerful thing. If we believe that we are failures, then we will believe it and treat ourselves that way. If we believe that we are successful and that we have worth, then we may fail, but we will always overcome it!

Think Positive

All we have to do is our best. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself for what your best is. Remember that everyone’s 100% is different. Get to know what your 100% is. Do your best to reach it. Keep trying. Love the journey and appreciate the days that you feel like you do have everything together. On the days that you feel overwhelmed – it is okay to step back and take a break!! We aren’t machines! We are humans! Take a deep breath, take a nap, watch your favorite TV-Show, read your favorite book. Whatever your out is, take a little bit to do it instead of killing yourself. You may not get as much done, but if your sanity is still there – success!

What God Thinks

This is the most important step of coming to love who you are – flaws and all. God’s opinion is the MOST IMPORTANT opinion of who you are. He created you and He loves you… please remember that. Sometimes that is hard for me to remember because I am so far off of loving myself. Don’t get caught up in what other people think you should be doing. It is none of their business. But it is God’s business. Pray for help. Ask Him what your priorities should be. Ask Him to see yourself the way that He sees you. Wow! That changes everything. Then remember that feeling. It is the one that TRULY matters. 🙂 Life is short. Our earthly opinions will seem silly to us very soon.

You dew you, my friends. Be yourself, love yourself, and do your best!


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