Feel Stupid? It’s All Good… We’ve All Been There.

Today was quite the day. Okay no, the last two days have been quite the days. It was the slap back into reality from having a really awesome vacation kind of days. Bleh. And man, have you ever had a conversation where you walk away feeling like a complete idiot? Come on people I know I’m not the only one. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve been waiting my whole life to talk about this because… well… it happens to me a lot. handle feeling stupid

But guess what? It doesn’t matter. We may think it’s the worst day ever. But this too shall pass. Yet… what do we do?  How do we handle it? We could be offended… OR we could….


In my mind, if I don’t laugh, I will cry (and literally we will talk about this in a minute). Laugh it off! Today I was called fat. Sure, I am pregnant and my doctor had all of the best intentions to tell me that I was gaining too much weight. I wasn’t offended by what she said, but I just felt stupid! Darn you, Thanksgiving! You betrayed me! All during this, my husband just laughed. So I laughed. And we laughed. And you know what? It was hilarious! So no need to feel stupid when you can find the humor in life.

  • CRY

Haha okay so I’m kind of kidding and kind of serious when I bring up this option. Mainly because this is an embarrassing option to admit. But hey! It has it’s perks. First of all… let’s all remember that there is no shame in sitting down and having a good cry. Was it because someone made you feel stupid? Was it because you didn’t get the dishes done? Maybe it’s just because you’re hungry. (Probably my case). Secondly… sometimes a good cry helps us clear our minds and move on with our day. Never feel guilty for a good cry! Embrace that weak moment and get it out of your system. Getting it out is definitely a better option than holding on to it for a long time.


Being called fat was a super bad example because really… it was stupid (haha oh the irony!). Buuut let’s go back to that. My mind was screaming, “She actually just called you fat!”. But my face was smiling. Why? Because one weak moment of wanting to crawl under a table isn’t worth an entire relationship. Smile it out.. just get through the awkward moment. My husband tells me that I am known to have an “RBF” or a “Resting Beotch Face” where I look really grouchy when my face is relaxing. He will seriously elbow me and tell me to be nice when I am just thinking about the what movies are showing at the local theater. Hahaha but he is right and I have to constantly remind myself to smile so people don’t think that I am a judgmental jerk. Just smile it out. 🙂

So I am sure some of you are thinking that this is a super random subject to be talking about haha but realistically this is apart of everyday life. Feeling stupid, choosing to become offended, shaking off awkward encounters – yeah this happens all the time. I’m not perfect! No one is perfect! Awkward and uncomfortable moments are bound to happen in a world of imperfect people. Sure we can spend our days offended and avoiding people because they said that mean thing and made me feel stupid but psht, what would be the fun in that? Life is too short. Shake it off and enjoy life as you!

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