Mr. Reindeer Jars – A Christmas Craft

Merry Christmas!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love love love this time of year! For our families annual Christmas party, I was having the worst time figuring out what we wanted to give everybody. So as I was scrolling through Facebook and found all kinds of cute jars to fill with goodies. I decided to rack my brain and create a cute jar that I can fill with delicious goodness. Since my goodies are Rolo and Hug Turtles which happen to be brown, I decided to make Reindeer Jars.

Wala! Here it the finished product. (Minus the goodies because I’m not quite finished with the baking).reindeer jarsMaking Mr. Reindeer was so easy and I was able to make around 15 jars in a short amount of time. It was the perfect balance of wanting to make something homemade, but not having it stress me out or break the bank. Woot woot! Now, I’ve seen different variations and this is what I came up with for my likeness. Go ahead and make it yours! It’s super easy and soo much fun!

What You Will Need

reindeer jars

  • Glue gun and glue sticks.
  • Googly eyes.
  • Red pom poms for the nose. (Your choice in size)
  • Brown pom poms for the ears. (Your choice in size)
  • Brown pipe cleaner for the antlers.
  • Mason jars. (Your choice in size – just remember you have to fill them! I like small because small = less baking).
  • Cute Christmas ribbon.
  • Brown felt.

Assembling Mr. Reindeer

As you can already tell, this is a very self explanatory craft – which is why I like it so much. But, make sure to allow for an extra one so that you can change things to get it the way you want it. I did 3 jars before I figured out what I liked.

First, assemble Mr. Reindeer’s face. Glue on his eyes and rosy red nose. This is all I liked for the face. I tried to put a scarf on Mr. Reindeer, but I just couldn’t find a placement that I liked. Therefore his scarf turned out to be a headband, but I personally think it’s adorable.

reindeer jars

Next, get the lid ready to be transformed into his cute little head. I glue the canning jar lids together so that it won’t fall apart and mess up the whole craft. After they are glued together, I cut a piece of the felt in the exact shape of the lid and glue it to the top. After it is dry, I glue the ribbon around the sides of the lid to give Mr. Reindeer some cute decoration. I used several different patterns of ribbon, but the reindeer ribbon was my favorite! How adorable is a reindeer wearing reindeer!? Call me cheesy, but I’m in love!

reindeer jars

Finally, we get to add some antlers to this baby! The very first thing that you do is screw the lid on tight before you start gluing so that the antlers are facing the right way! I made that mistake… so embarrassing. After you make sure that is set, take one pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Then set aside one half and cut the other half into half again. *Whew*. So you will end up having 1/2 and 2/4 of one pipe cleaner. Fold the bigger piece into a desired antler shape and glue it to the top of the lid. It should look something like this:

Let the glue dry and wrap each of the small pipe cleaner pieces around the main antler piece and shape to your desired look. Then comes the final step! Glue two of the brown pom poms to the base of the antlers to give Mr. Reindeer some cute little ears. Then you are done and done! Here is a pic of just the lid.

reindeer jars


Feel free to make this craft your own! I had so much fun playing and changing things. After all, that’s the fun part of crafting isn’t it? This is a great homemade craft that anyone would love to receive as a gift. In a few years when my daughter is old enough, I am excited to make things like this with her.

Merry Christmas everyone! Remember that this is a time of giving and of developing your talents to enrich the lives of those around you. God Bless. And Merry Christmas from You Dew You.

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