Where Is The Respect?

I never want to get political. This blog is about loving one another encouraging each other to be the best person that you can be. You Dew You is all about you doing YOUR thing. BUT! I am sick and tired of politics tearing everyone apart. So this is going to be my little vent about America right now. Where is the respect? It is time to grow up people!! This is the opinion of one ticked off pregnant lady so take it with a grain of salt… No one asked for it, but here it is anyways.

Why I care

It is very hard to write about loving yourself and encouraging others when you are so mad at the behavior of some people. I have taken a hiatus from my blog recently for two reasons: 1) I am pregnant and have been worried about the health of my little baby – which is the most important reason. 2) I want to encourage us all to love ourselves – but how do we love ourselves when we can’t love other people? Frustrating!

Allow others to have a freakin’ opinion!

Do you know why men and women fight for our country and for our freedoms? So that we can have opinions! It is good to have an opinion. It is good to be different! Differences are a GOOD thing! Agreeing to disagree is a quality that we have lost as a society and it’s ridiculous. What ever happened to respecting others and seeing them as human beings instead of which candidate that they voted for? First of all, it is so childish. Second of all, that makes you just as much of a jerk as the person you are judging. I have several friends that voted differently than I did and although I don’t agree with the way that they think… I respect their right to have an opinion! Sheesh people let’s love one another a little bit shall we?

If you expect others to respect your opinion, you need to respect the opinions of others! It’s as simple as that.

“Putting others down never makes you feel better about yourself”

Do we remember this great saying? I think we have all forgotten about it. Please tell me, does calling someone a bad name make you feel any better about yourself? It may for the time being, but honestly in the long run you become a lonely and sad human being.

I know of a better option! Anytime you treat someone with LOVE and KINDNESS, you will feel so much better about your life and yourself! We really all need to try it!

Listen to hear, listen to understand respect

When was the last time that you sat down with someone and truly listened to understand where they are coming from? From the news, it seems that it has been a very long time for some people. The biggest problem with the world today is that we are very bad listeners. We don’t care what others think, we only care about what we think. That behavior is getting very old, very fast. I saw this quote by Stephen R. Covey and realized that it is so true! Take the time to stop and listen to someone to understand them and not just to argue.

Find common ground

There is ALWAYS common ground! There is one person that I am thinking of in particular and our political views are 100% completely different. I don’t even think there is one thing that we agree on politically. However, she has a deep love for dogs and animals. I also love all animals – especially dogs. That has been one way that I have been able to keep and maintain a friendship. There are several people that I go to church with that have different political views than me, but we are all children of God! There is good in every single person – we just need to be the people that look for the good.

Do the best that you can. Research everything on both sides of the conflict. Stand up for what you believe in! But don’t trash the city, don’t promote violence, don’t call each other names. Stand up for what you believe in and then RESPECT other people’s right to stand up for what they believe in. Do not tell me what you believe and expect me to respect it when you will not allow me to tell you what I believe in. Respect does not work that way.

If you truly want to love who you are and embrace who you are – love others and embrace who they are. The world needs kind and respectful people now more than ever. Decide to be that person.

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